Sri Purandhara (2012)

This is an exclusive and unique album of ‘Sri Purandhara Daasaru‘ with rare padhas and suladhis.

You can listen to the songs here,


Ha ha ha

Haridhina dhali

Hannu bandhidhe

Pooje yathako


Eega maadalo

Jo Jo

Sri Purandhara - V.V.Prassanna

Sri Purandhara - V.V.Prassanna

Veena – Rajesh Vaidhya

Flute – Bala Sai

Tabla – Venkat

Violin – Venkat

Cd is in offer for Rs.100…

For Cd’s please contact : 09894256203 / 0971087387 (or)

  1. Today we purchased Purandara.

    Excellent….(Especially Pooje Yathako,Musure and Jo Jo) … We expect more Dasara padagalu from you.

    I am addicted to some of your cine songs too.(Mulachu Moonu, Azhagai Pookuthae, Aval appadi ondrum), but i was not aware that it was rendered by you.

    All the best and keep it up.


  2. Dear Prassanna.. I purchased your CD in Melbourne during Raghavendra Aradhana.
    The album is one of the best ones that I’ve heard of late… loved every song .. it’s been playing in my car since last one month.

    Eagerly waiting for your concert here on 29th Sep.

    All the best.. and keep the sweetness flowing !

  3. Mrs.BhagirathiNagarajan

    Hi Prasanna
    Your Purandaradasa CD was excellent.For a person like me who knows nothing about the grammar of music it was really exciting to listen to.I immediately searched for more albums of yours .Eagerly waiting for more in the near future.
    God bless you.

  4. Hi Anna super songs we will put daily morning in my house whn my dad do pooja. My fav ega madalu rama dyanava mukanagi erabeda yale manava super.

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